Thursday, 3 October 2013

NEWS: PS3 Sony GT6 'Bathurst'

PS3 Sony Gran Turismo 6
New Bathurst movie and images

Sony has recently announced two interesting bits of news regarding their flagship software title Gran Turismo 6.  The first news is that GT6 will be released on the PS3, yes on the PS3.  Given the PS4 is to be released prior to Christmas (Gran Turismo is historically a platform release title) this seems an unusual decision unless you've familiar with the highly tuned beast that is the Sony money machine!  GT6 will of course be released on the PS4 as well.

And in case you haven't heard, the second bit of good news (particularly if you're from Oz) is that the Mount Panorama circuit will be featured in GT6!!  From what I can deduce, the circuit will be featured in the endurance part of the game (1,000km) which means it may not be 'unlocked' (or available) till the player progresses significantly through the game.  Of course and hopefully, the circuit will be available in single, multi or even online GT6 events.

The below GT6 movie around the great circuit will blow you away, the GT6 release can't come soon enough!
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