Sunday, 27 October 2013

NEWS: Scalextric (Hornby) Sale

Scalextric (Hornby) Sale
Hornby Archive Auction

Hornby has decided to reduce the total number of items they have in there archive holding and that's great news for us all.  Hornby stores several of everything they release including; Scalextric slot cars, Hornby trains, Airfix kits and even Corgi die cast models.  Items to be sold off will typically be from the last 5-10 years so if you'r after a mint in box slot from the 70's keep searching.  Still it's a great opportunity to grab a few of the slots you might have missed out on over the last decade.

If you're interested go to ebay and search for the user id: 'hornbyhobbiesltd'.

This from the Hornby: 'Every time we release a new model we keep a small number of samples for the archive here in Margate. We often need to make space in the archive for our brand new releases and so we are delighted to give you the chance to bid for some very special items here on eBay. Many of the models we will be able to offer are rare and hard to find and we will also be including lots of limited edition items – many with very low limited edition certificate numbers.'
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