Thursday, 24 October 2013

NEWS: SCP-2 Controller SCP-2 Controller
SCP-2 means SeCaPelo-2 (Secapelo=Hairdryer)

The team have released something a little bit exciting and special.   As you can see it's not a slot car, it's a new version of their popular slot car controller and it looks fantastic!

The below photos are from and Italia Slot.  

From the Team: 'The SCP-2 is contactless, friction free, with linear magnetic trigger position readout, and features an interchangeable cartridge system, to connect to either analog or digital systems. The digital cartridge is universal for all the available commercial brands (Ninco, Carrera, Hornby and Tecnitoys). It is also the standard controller for the oXigen digital system.'

I particularly like the following: 'No animals have been used for testing this controller, and almost no slot cars flew off the track during the development phase. The name SCP-2 means SeCaPelo-2 (Secapelo=Hairdryer).'
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