Friday, 25 October 2013

NEWS: Anki Drive AI Robotic cars

Anki Drive - AI Robotics
Is this the end of slot cars as we know it?

Anki in association with Apple have just released a very, very cool new toy, the AnkiDrive system featuring AI Robotic cars.  Not only will the cars drive themselves but their CPU's adjust behaviour 500 times per second!  What makes them even more fun to drive against is that they have weapon systems; pulse cannons, shields and even tractor and gravity beams.

I know what you're thinking, they don't look like real cars but this is the first release purposely designed to look 'futuristic', just think Tron...So the system is more like a video game you physically play than a replacement for our beloved slot cars and that's exactly how Anki are pitching it.

What makes these cool toys even cooler is that each vehicle has unique characterises such as; agility, speed, acceleration, energy and recharge rate.  You can even upgrade your vehicle's weapons and defences.  Cost?  Approximately $US200 for the start-up kit and an additional $US75 for extra cars so not exactly cheap.

A replacement for slot cars, I think not but a very cool toy regardless.  Watch some of the below videos to get a feel for how clever these car's AI actually is. 

So what would you need to get started?  A Starter Kit which includes; 2 cars, track, chargers and tire cleaner.  For each player, an iPhone® 4s or newer, iPod touch® (5th generation or newer), iPad® 3 or newer or iPad mini with the Anki DRIVE app installed and an area to roll out a 3½' x 8 ½' track.  

From 'Anki made its debut in June at Apple's WWDC, where the San Francisco-based startup unveiled its first product, Anki Drive, futuristic toy cars that can race around autonomously and be played with via iPhone. On stage, Apple CEO Tim Cook praised the company for "creating an entirely new set of experiences," and predicted it was "going to be super successful," a high blessing that all but positioned Anki as the Hot Wheels for the modern age.' 


The below video is the official launch at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2013, pretty cool.



Kenryu Chris Bryson said...

Has anyone figured out where to get the limited edition car? Coraxx, I bought the started kit and the Red car and love this its lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

Got mine today! It's awesome. No I haven't been able to find it either . I'll check back if I find it I'll post it please do the same