Wednesday, 9 October 2013

NEWS: FlySlot 4th Quater Releases

FlySlot 2013
Forth Quarter Releases

FlySlot have released some details on their 4th quarter releases for 2014.  We've know for a while now that there are some exciting new Gulf Porsche 917Ks on their way, the 'Can Am' collection.  In addition to this FlySlot will be releasing a new BMW M1 and M3 livery.

What I think is very exciting (or at least my son does) is the Porsche 997 with sound!  The sound will reflect the acceleration (and deceleration) of the slot to emulate gear changes.  Worth noting is the fact that the 997 will also feature lights, not a first when it comes to Fly slot cars but we haven't seen a Fly with lights for sometime.

I really hope FlySlot are rewarded with this level of innovation to our hobby and we see a whole range of  slot cars with accurate sound affects.  This is not for everyone I admit but it will help guarantee the next generation of slotters are introduced and hopefully become long-term members of our great hobby. 

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