Sunday, 9 February 2014

GALLERY | Slot.It Lancia LC2 Tipop Double

Slot.It Lancia LC2

SICA08D Imola White
SIC08A European Championship 2013 Black

Like many Slot.It fans I have been eagerly awaiting the tipop releases from Slot.It. In early November the European Championship 2013 limited edition car was released (around 300 made) in Spain with the stunning black colour scheme. The white Imola 1000km car was finally released in early February and the pair make a perfect combination to photograph.

The white Lancia is readily available from your local Slot.It retailer.
The black is harder to find and if you are keen to acquire one then there may be a few left here

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The Lone DeRanger said...

Skillful, luscious photography!!! Beautiful work!