Tuesday, 2 July 2013

NEWS: Black Arrow Gulf Aston DBR9

Gulf Aston Martin DBR9
Le Mans 2008 category winner

Black Arrow have just released their second livery of the ever popular Aston Martin DBR9,  the model comes with the following features;
  • Chassis "IN-FLEX" by Black Arrow
  • Motor Mount "In-Line" V1.0
  • Bevel Gear Black Arrow 13/37
  • Motor APACHE 28.000 rpm
  • Front Tires Zero Grip Rear Tires R1
  • Front Rims Delrin 0,62 gr.
  • Rear Rims Aluminum 0,95 gr.
  • Steel Axles 56mm
  • Suspension Springs White/Green
  • Wires 1,3mm Oxigen Free
  • Braids 0,4mm Oxigen Free

I don't own one of these beauties as yet so my evaluation is based on specifications and appearance alone.  BR have done a stunning job in the aesthetics department and the packaging is a very nice touch as well.  Engineering is a departure with such a high rpm motor and an unusual gearing choice, great to see a manufacture shipping a release with zero grip front rubber.

The below video (published 26 January 2013) might help you make up your mind on the on-track performance of the BA Aston Martin - pretty impressive!

As an incentive, BA are throwing in a pair of nifty Torx Black Arrow branded screwdrivers (worth 10euro) if you purchase one of their Astons online.  Head over to the BA website to take advantage of the offer, the Gulf Aston will be available for shipping from 31 July 2013.  

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