Sunday, 21 July 2013

GALLERY: Scalextric Ferrari 312

Scalextric Ferrari 312 T2 
C2799 Clay Regazzoni

What can I say about Scalextric's Ferrari 312 classic F1?  Well for a start it's a beautiful slot, I had one of theses as a kid, the original 1970's Scalextric 312 that is and loved it too.  Scalextric's modern version has a high level of detail and performs beautifully on the track.

You can still pick up one of these from the net for a decent price and if you're into classic F1s then your collection isn't complete till you have one.  With the movie RUSH coming out soon, these classic 312s might become all that more popular particularly Niki Lauda´s 312.

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1 comment :

Hugo Figueiredo said...

This thing is truly a bomb on wheels, as said in the movie. In magnet guise, it's a treat just right out of the box! That's why I had to own two of these, 1 for the track, other for shelves. :)