Sunday, 28 July 2013

NEWS: TEAMSLOT Renault Alpine A310

TEAMSLOT Renault Alpine A310
"Calberson", Giraglia Ronde Rally 1977

TeamSlot have posted some impressive photos of their soon to be released 1977 'Giraglia Ronde' Rally livery of the popular Alpine A310.  Detail on this slot is a little on the fragile side (particularly the front lights and rear wing) so not really that compatible with hard slot racing but absolutely stunning in appearance.  The red, yellow and black livery is very eye catching and just look at those front lights, stunning work Teamslot! 
This from Teamslot: 'Finally, the new decoration of the Alpine A310 "Calberson" will come out later this month. The rally version is chosen Giraglia Ronde of 1977. The new model will bring new wheels with plastic hubcaps.'


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