Tuesday, 30 July 2013

NEWS: Carrera 4th quater releases

Carrera 4th quater releases
Aston Vantage, BMW and Mercedes-Benz DTMs

Carrera America have just released some impressive photos of some of their upcoming 4th quarter releases.  All 3 cars are impressive but the BMW DTM and Aston Vantage are the most impressive for sure, the mag design on the BMW is eye catching.  Detail levels look great and given the relative low cost of Carrera slot cars, they represent great value and run very well (mag or non-mag).  

My only complaint about Carrera slots is the large diameter rear wheels they insist on using on pretty much all of their releases.  Given how much attention to detail goes into the rest of their models regarding scale, this always seems a weird choice to me.  A small thing when you look at the front end detail on the BMW and Mercedes.  If you don't have a Carrera racing pair I recommend them as great value for your slot dollar. 

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