Monday, 1 July 2013

NEWS: Scalextric Lotus 49B

C3413 Lotus 49B
Rob Walker Racing, British GP 1968

Scalextric are about to release the Rob Walker Racing No.22 Lotus 49B as driven by Siffert in the British GP in 1968.  I've seen a photo of the actual Scalextric release and all I can say is wow, this release is not just another Lotus 49 in a slightly different livery.  If you're a classic F1 fan like me, my advice is pre order one for sure.

The 49 is racing genesis, this from Wikipedia; 'The 49 was an advanced design in Formula 1 because of its chassis configuration. The specially-designed engine became a stress-bearing structural member (seen first with the H16 engine in the Lotus 43 and BRM P83), bolted to the monocoque at one end and the suspension and gearbox at the other. Since then virtually all Formula 1 cars have been built this way.

The below video is of Martin Brundle driving a Lotus 49 at Silverstone Motor Racing Circuit in England.

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