Saturday, 27 July 2013

NEWS: Pioneer 'Stealth' Camaro on sale!

Pioneer 'STEALTH' Camaro goes on sale!
PO42 Special Edition of 396 only

For those of you interested in getting your hot little hands on a matt black 'Stealth' Pioneer Camaro they have just gone on sale over at INASLOT and Power SlotCars - get in quickly and good luck!

From INASLOT: 'SPECIAL EDITION of 396 pcs. Fitted with the rapid TYPHOON 21k motor.

Continuing the very popular STEALTH series of street cars and following on from the Mustang and Charger, this 396 SS Camaro model is presented in the familiar satin black d├ęcor finish.

21K TYPHOON motor, sidewinder configuration.

Detailed Street interior QuickChange braids.

Digital DPR ready Model complete with custom artwork display case.

Spare parts bag included under base!'

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