Tuesday, 9 July 2013

NEWS: Black Arrow 'Gulf' DBR9

Black Arrow Aston Martin DBR9
Le Mans 2008, GT category, 'Gulf' livery

We finally have some more photos of the next BA Aston DBR9 Gulf livery and it's been well worth the wait, she's a stunning looking machine!  The Aston's stance is very low and wide indicating a good on-track performer, detail levels are top shelf and BA engineering also looks impressive (chassis looks excellent).

If you're not already aware, Black Arrow slots are only available for purchase through the BA website so you can stop waiting for one to appear at your favourite slot shop.  While probably a ok arrangement if you live in Europe, postage outside of Europe (i.e. Oceania) adds a hefty fee to the cost of the slot.  Hopefully BA will sort this issue out with the introduction of more distribution points around the globe in the future.

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