Friday, 8 November 2013

NEWS: Sony Gran Turismo Release

PS3 Sony Gran Turismo 6
Release date: 6 December 2013.

With less than a month till the release of Gran Turismo 6, I thought it timely to revisit the title and see what we'll be getting in the latest instalment of the World's most popular gaming franchise!  1,200 cars, (120 all new) 37 world locations to race, (100 layouts) Variable Weather, Variable Daytime and Astronomical Simulation System, improved driver dynamics,   car tuning and servicing and wait for it, Ayrton Senna!!! 

This from Sony: 'Gran Turismo 6 will contain approximately 1200 cars at time of release, and more and more cars are planned to be added thereafter. Unlike the previous title, the added cars will appear directly in the dealerships after an update, and will be available to purchase in game. You will be able to enjoy driving the newest cars right after they are released in the market.

Gran Turismo 6 will introduce new locations where the drama will continue to unfold: the Goodwood Hillclimb course, a very exclusive track that only a few selected guests had experienced until now, is recreated for the first time in a video game; the Silverstone Circuit, the holy ground of the GT Academy that nurtured gamers into professional racing drivers; and the legendary Brands Hatch of UK fame, for a total of 7 new tracks included at launch. No matter if you’re driving alone or if you are challenging rivals, GT6 will set the stage for your new drama.  Thorough data capturing and GPS surveying enable us to recreate a true-to-life circuit scenery and track, with a precision reaching approximately 1 cm or less in deviation. The achievements of Gran Turismo do not end there however. Take a closer look at the time changes introduced on some of our tracks since our last title.
From the longitude/latitude of the track, the sunrise/sundown hours at the 2013 Le Mans 24 hours, Nürburgring 24 hour race, and the Goodwood Festival of Speed are represented accurately. The environmental changes that happen seamlessly according to the passage of time during gameplay is no longer just a recreation of a track, it’s the simulation of the earth itself.

In Gran Turismo 5, you could set the time for a track. From Gran Turismo 6, the positions of the stars are also accurately recreated. On night tracks you can enjoy a simulated night sky with accurate positions of the stars and constellations. You can watch the passage of time, with the moon and stars moving across the night sky as you would see in real life.'

The below GT6 movie with astronomy effects is impressive, I'm not sure how much of the stars I'll be watching while in close combat with other drivers but its nice to know Sony has born to these lengths...GT6 release can't come soon enough!
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Manic said...

I've spent several hours playing GT6 over the weekend and I have to say I'm impressed so far. The new XMB is excellent as is the quick car tuning option from the Start button. I raced on Bathurst and the Goodwood speed tracks and they are fantastic!