Tuesday, 12 November 2013

NEWS: Xenon Light 'Ninco 1' releases

Ninco 1 with Xenon Lights
55094 - Ford Mustang 'Capaldi' and 55095 - Audi R8 'Rum Bum'

What has always been missing from Ninco slot cars? Lights!  Finally Ninco has seen the light (pun intended) and is going to join the likes of Scalextric, Carrera and SCX in releasing slot cars with lights.  Initially we will only see the Ninco 1 range been given the Xenon lighting inclusion but hopefully (if popular enough I suspect) we will see lights included in Ninco's full range of slot cars.

A great move in my opinion, the younger generation of slotters out there really enjoy slot cars with lights and I have to admit, I do too.  I think 24hr endurance slots like Ninco's Audi R18 should definitely come with lights.
The 'Rum Bum' Audi R8 livery looks particularly impressive and I suspect with the inclusion of Xenon lights, it's going to be even more popular.
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