Sunday, 17 November 2013

NEWS: Racer Bartoletti Transporter

Racer Bartoletti Transporter
RCR LE T01 - Fiat 642RN

Racer have just sent through some jaw dropping photos of their soon (new few weeks) to be released Bartoletti Fiat Transporter.  A must have for the serious collector at around $AU500 landed to your door.  The Transporter is limited to 300 pieces (confirmed by Marco at Racer) and in case you're not aware is actually a powered slot capable of being driven around your track.  Load it up with 3 Racer Ferrari slots and that a shunt I just can't even think about.

The great news is that Ivo from ManicSlots will be publishing a more in-depth look at the Bartoletti Transporter in a few weeks time - Look out for that one!

This from Racer: 'Finally out! We are distributing the brand new Transporter since a couple of days. We are convinced that photos render justice to the efforts we put in this job and in particular into this Transporter. Thanks in advance to all of our customers appreciating this and supporting our job.'
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