Monday, 25 November 2013

NEWS: Slot Classic Cisitalia 202 SMM

Slot Classic Cisitalia 202 SMM
CJ-43 'Mille Miglia 1947', Tazio 'Spyder' Nuvolari

Slot Classic have just sent us some details on their latest release, the Cisitalia 202 SMM raced in the Mille Miglia in 1947.  Slot Classic has done an beautiful job with this release, just look at those spoked wheels, navigator (the map!) and front end - some stunning slot car workmanship.  Limited to only 500 units, I can't say I own one of these but if it goes half as well as it looks, then it's bound to be a pleasure to behold.   
This from Slot Classic: 'In the whole history of the world sports car racing, there isn’t any car which can be proud of carrying the name of the legendary driver, Tazio Nuvolari, except this Cisitalia 202 SMM, which he used to achieve one of his greatest feats in the Mille Miglia of 1947.

The second World War had finished just two years ago and Italy was beginning its resurgence, therefore resuming the organization of the legendary race would be a symbol of technologic recovery after the devastation of the war. The 202 SMM was a small “barchetta” featuring a stiff tubular chassis, powered by a FIAT 1100 engine. Besides, it was covered by an aerodynamic aluminium body designed by Giovanni Savonuzzi, whose peculiar back wings were characteristic of this car.

It’s easy to imagine the brave Tazio Nuvolari, with his advanced disease, bearing the terrible storm that the contestants had to suffer in the last 300 Kms of the race. Many of them failed because of this stormy weather. Once the powerful Maserati and Ferrari which were leading the race until that moment were dismissed, the fight took place between the small 1.100 FIAT and Cisitalia, and the lonely Alfa Romeo of Biondetti/Romano, which had double power, cubic capacity… and weight. But in the return to Brescia the Alfa got a flat tyre and some problems with the gear in the Futa Pass. Due to all these events, Nuvolari was able to take the lead with his small but efective Cisitalia. However, like so many other times in his career, Tazio had to fight against adversity. Due to the storm, the water was getting inside the Cisitalia. Then happened what the passengers were fearing: the distributor top got wet. Carena, the mechanical copilot, needed more than 15 minutes to dry it and be able to start the small four cylinders again. Due to this, Biondetti took the lead once again and was the winner in the finish line, followed after 16 minutes by Nuvolari and other two Cisitalias.

They didn’t get the victory but they got the glory. To celebrate this, Dusio officially dubbed the “barcheta” 202 SMM as “Nuvolari”. These have been more than enough reasons to attract the Slot Classic’s attention for the model… and the character. Enjoy it.

As usual, 500 units will be produced and the prices are the usual ones: 144,43€ the KIT, 173,43€ the KPP y 219,00€ the RTR..'

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