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GALLERY - Slot.It Warsteiner European Endurance 2008

Slot.It European Endurance 2008

Limited Edition

This is one of the all time most difficult cars to acquire. I've only ever seen a couple on eBay in the last 5 years and collectors constantly ask if anyone has one for sale. I was lucky enough to pick one up (on eBay) a few years back.

The car is rather unique in that it was the first of 3 limited edition runs from Each year they run a European Endurance competition and each driver receives one of the cars for free. In recent years there have been two types released, team member cars and non-team member cars.

Only 50 of these Orange Warsteiners were made, making them even rarer than the transparent Audi which had around 100 commissioned. Unbelievably I did see a used one for sale (someone actually put the car on the track - obviously oblivious as to the value of the slot car). The used model sold for $160.

One Orange Warsteiner was kindly donated by Slot.It to Armchair Racer who were holding an auction to raise money for the horrific bushfires that hit Victoria in 2009. The car sold for approximately $780.

The Yellow Warsteiner were made in numbers around 300 (48 team member cars) - these can normally be picked up for around $300-$350AUD.

The Blue Warsteiner was made in numbers of around 500 and can be picked up for around $200-$250AUD.

Slot.It have continued to release Limited Edition European Endurance cars every year in increasing numbers with new liveries. The Warsteiner livery and design remains a favourite amongst Slot.It collectors.

What are you waiting for, start the search today to expand the collection with some super looking slot cars.

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