Sunday, 4 August 2013

NEWS: Pioneer Chevy SS Pacific

Pioneer Chevy Camaro SS
PO13, 'Pacific Team' 1967

Pioneer have released the first racing livery of their all new Chevy Camaro SS, the 'Pacific Team' from 1967.  The wait has felt like forever on this model but I think we can all agree it has been well worth it, Pioneer have hit a home run with the release of the Camaro!

For those who aren't aware, to ensure quality of product Pioneer has moved their entire production operation half way around the world, from China to the UK. The release of Pioneer's Chevy SS Camaro will be the first slot car produced in the UK in almost 40 years - hard to believe!

I have ordered the 'Stealth' livery and can't wait to finally get my hands on it, come on Mr Postman!  

  • 18K TYPHOON motor, sidewinder configuration,
  • Full Detail Race interior,
  • Standard Trans-Am Chassis with Magnesium silver effect wheels
  • QuickChange braids,
  • Scalextric Digital DPR ready,
  • Medium strength bar magnet fitted, and
  • Spares poly bag under base contains 7mm guide blade, braids and an alternative 13T(z) motor gear.

Want to find out more about Pioneer slot cars?
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