Saturday, 17 August 2013

NEWS: Scalextric Lotus 49B

Scalextric Lotus 49B
Jo Siffert, British Grand Prix, Brands Hatch, 1968

Scalextric have finally released some photos of their Lotus 49B driven by Jo Siffert in the 1968 British Grand Prix.  I have had this car on pre-order for what seems like forever and after seeing a pre-production photo of the car in issue 1 of Slot Magazine, I knew it was going to be a special release.

The rear wing looks fantastic, hopefully it's strong enough to take the occasional shunt (i.e. it just pops out under load).  An important thing to note from Hornby is that the production models will have an additional rear engine cover and oil cooler assembly fitted. If you're into your classic F1 slots like me, my advice would be to pre order one of these beauties for sure - Well done Scalextric!

The Lotus 49 represented racing genesis, this from Wikipedia; 'The 49 was an advanced design in Formula 1 because of its chassis configuration. The specially-designed engine became a stress-bearing structural member (seen first with the H16 engine in the Lotus 43 and BRM P83), bolted to the monocoque at one end and the suspension and gearbox at the other. Since then virtually all Formula 1 cars have been built this way.'

This (and images I might add) from Hornby America; 'Pole sitters, Graham Hill, Jackie Oliver and Chris Amon started the British Grand Prix Brands Hatch (July 20). The Gold Leaf Team Lotus 49B Cosworths of Hill and Oliver would DNF, while Jo Siffert’s Lotus 49B took the win.

Note: oil cooler not fitted on this preproduction model. Production models will have additional rear engine cover and oil cooler assembly. The Scalextric model is an update to the previous 49B releases with the addition.' Scalextric have also just released a 'white' version of the Lotus 49 for those of you that enjoy creating your own liveries.
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