Tuesday, 6 August 2013

NEWS: Sideways Ferrari 512BB

Sideways Ferrari 512BB

It's no surprise why I'm such a huge Sideways fan, it's the same reason the brand has captured the imagination of the slot car enthusiast world wide - they look amazing!  The latest and soon to be released model from Sideways is the Ferrari 512BB and I for one can't wait to get my hands on one particularly if the below pre release photos from Italia Slot are anything to go on.

As we would expect detail levels look high (just check out that rear engine detail and exhaust in the below photos) and judging from the below video, lack of performance will not be an issue.  The photos also give us some insight into probably what will be the first release of the Ferrari 512BB, the central black 512 that will probably be a LE boxed release - Hands up anyone?!   

The below Sideways line-up is looking very impressive with the BMW MI soon to follow and what's that black Porsche 935/78 I see in the bottom left of the photo?

The below video is pretty impressive although the black car is a little hard to see at times. ;)

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