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GALLERY: Le Mans Miniatures Peugeot 905

Le Mans Miniatures Peugeot 905 
132041/1M, 2nd place, Le Mans 1993

For the last few weeks we have seen some great prices on a few of Le Mans Miniatures' slots so I thought I'd share some photos of one of my Le Mans Miniatures.  I was lucky enough to purchase this LMM in Paris during a holiday in 2011, I really wanted a French slot car of a French made Le Mans racing car, the Peugeot 905 fit the bill perfectly.

Originally the 1993 running of Le Mans was won by Jaguar before a protest was lodged and the Jag was disqualified by Automobile Club de l'Ouest.  As a result the Peugeot Talbot Sport didn't just end up winning Le Mans but managed to come first, second and third!  The number 1 car shown here came second, one lap behind the number 3 winning Peugeot 905.  

This extract from Wikipedia; 'The race was originally won by a TWR Jaguar XJ220C driven by John Nielsen, David Brabham and David Coulthard, but the victory was revoked when the XJ220C was disqualified a month later after a steward complained that Jaguar were not running catalytic converters. Although this was within the rules - no other car ran catalytic converters either - and Jaguar won its appeal (supported by the FIA), they were nonetheless disqualified as they had not - according to the Automobile Club de l'Ouest (the organizer of the race) - lodged their appeal in time.'

The above movie (there are 3 other parts if you're a fan) shows the 3 Peugeot 905s running around the track towards the end of the race, the 905 is a STUNNING looking motorcar and LMM have done a great job accurately capturing it in 1:32 scale. 

As you would expect from Le Mans Miniatures, details levels are off the planet, this is an insanely turned-out slot car.  What you might not expect is that the Peugeot 905 is very impressive on the track.  At first I was concerned about driving the slot especially given the precarious rear wing but this slot has been made to be driven and to keep it on the shelf would be criminal.

I'm moving to a more 'track' orientated type of photography for the gallery as apposed to the white 'high-key' background you might be used to viewing here at ManicSlots.  Let me know what you think? 

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Anonymous said...

Hello, this is indeed an impressive slot car.
I have a comment on your article: the race was not won by Jaguar. The race was won by Peugeot. The Jaguar originally won the GT-class (and would have finished the race in 15th position), but was subsequently disqualified.