Sunday, 18 August 2013

GALLERY: Sideways Ford Capri "Mampe"

Sideways Ford Capri Zakspeed 
SW17 Group 5 'Mampe' 1978

For a few years now there have been 2 leading manufactures on the slot car market that have dominated with a winning formula of quality, high detail and finish, great engineering, blistering on-track performance and let's not forget, slots that capture our imagination.  These 2 manufactures are of course and NSR.  Well the world is a dynamic place and things change, it turns out their is now a third leading manufacture, enter Racer's Sideways slot range.

Sideways' Capri offering is a stunning looking slot car, I've tried my best to capture just how impressive it is but you really need to see one in the flesh for yourself.  Decal quality is a high standard (note the Goodyear and Mampe text exception on the spoiler in the 3rd bottom photo) and the paint job is also very good.

As you can see from the photos, detail levels on this model are also excellent and when comparing to a Fly model I would say the standard is even higher.  Racer (who make Sideways slots) have incorporated Scale Auto running gear/chassis in this model but will be soon moving back to their partnership with, from Marco at;

'Glad to inform that the agreement with for the supply of technical parts for Racer and Silver Line models has positively been renewed and as you can see already on the recently released RCR66 the technical configuration has been restored as in the past. 275GTB SL16 and SL17 will remain at the end the only Racer model released with Scaleauto parts.' (source: Slotraceshop New Zealand)

Probably my only criticism would be that the Scale Auto chassis setup is a little too complicated for my taste, there are others that will love it and I appreciate that   For example you can vary (3 heights) the running height of the rear axle by 0.5mm and 1mm on the from the box setup - not a bad concept.  There are 2 positions for the magnet which has a good amount of downforce and as you would expect running this car in non-magnetic trim is a pleasure.

I'm moving to a more 'track' orientated type of photography for the gallery as apposed to the white 'high-key' background you might be used to viewing here at ManicSlots.  Let me know what you think? 

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