Thursday, 1 August 2013

NEWS: Scalextric Lamborghini Aventador

Scalextric Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4
C3264, Super Resistant Model

Scalextric will soon be releasing their all new Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 super resistant model.  As you can see from the photos Scalextric have done a decent job capturing the raw aggressive nature of the Aventador but unfortunately for those of us that take our slot cars seriously, the model is void of any real detail.

I understand that Scalextric's sales model must dictate this type of 'cheap' mass appeal release but I have never purchased one and don't know too many slotters that have.  I guess I'll be waiting till later this year to get my hands on C3460 when it's released.

From Scalextric: 'Lamborghini has a history of revolutionary thinking, whether in terms of design, like the iconic scissor doors or, in terms of technology, such as the V12 engine and carbon‐fibre.

The Aventador LP 700‐4 represents a whole new level of performance, sets new benchmarks in the super sports car segment, and provides a glimpse into the future. It is a car that has already achieved legendary status.

This Scalextric Model is Digital Plug Ready (DPR) - convert for use with the Scalextric Digital range in under sixty seconds using the C8515 Digital Plug.'

  • Motor - Mabuchi SP; 18k rpm;
  • Gear ratio 11:36
  • Chassis - Rear Mounted Side-winder
  • Motor; Rear 2 wheel drive
  • Magnet - Rectangular 1.5 mm; down-force 160g
  • Overall length - 150 mm
  • Wheelbase - 85 mm Axle/Hub width - 62 mm Front; 62 mm
  • Rear Tyre diameter/width - 21(ext), 15(int) x 10 mm Front; 21(ext), 15(int) x 10 mm Rear
  • Weights - Car 90 gm; Case 156g

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