Saturday, 28 September 2013

News: Carrera Gold Porsche 911

Carrera's 50th Anniversary
Limited Edition Gold Porsche 911

Carrera have released several special slotting products to celebrate there 50th anniversary but this gold limited edition of 800, Porsche 911 has to take the cake!  Not officially on sale in store, the 911 will only be available to Carrera's top fans, I'm not too sure how Carrera is going to determine this?  Anyway, if you're after one they are bound to start showing up on ebay over the next few weeks so keep your eyes open if you're after one.

This from Carrera; 'In 2013 we have again shown what ‘Motorsport at home’ is all about by putting together an amazing car pool full of top class track-bound automobiles. The Carrera portfolio is being complemented by several great new 1:24 scale cars to boost the adrenaline levels of Carrera fans everywhere.'
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