Wednesday, 25 September 2013

NEWS: Ninco Corvette SR-2

Ninco Corvette SR-2
50636, 1956 'Sebring Racer', Classic Sport

Ninco have just released the number 8 livery of Corvette's SR-2 ('Sebring Racer').  The old Ninco Corvettes are not typically my taste in slot cars but you have to love that rear wing tail! Detail levels look impressive with all kinds of chrome pieces and a beautiful deep blue paint finish.  Although Ninco have done a great job in producing the original wheels, I can't help put picture the SR-2 with some more contemporary tough looking wheels.

This from; 'The SR-2 acronym stood for “Sebring Racer” or alternatively “Sports Racing”.  Starting with a Sebring Corvette chassis, the SR-2 sprouted a rear fin, two small racing windscreens, air scoops on the side coves and an extended front end with driving lights that gave the machine a purposeful appearance.' Corvette SR-2 Sets Speed Record at Daytona Speed Week in 1957 at Daytona Beach, Florida. You have to watch the below footage, amazing stuff if you're into this era of cars - amazing even if you're not actually!

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