Wednesday, 4 September 2013

NEWS: Octane Slot Ferrari Testarossa

Octane Slot Ferrari Testarossa
The 'Red Box' limited edition of 200 

Octane Slot have just released a very impressive video on Youtube of their latest release, the Ferrari Testarossa.  I'm not a huge fan of street cars (as slot cars) nor is the Testarossa a classic Ferrari by any means.  However you can't but marvel at the detail Octane Slot have incorporated into the release, just incredible!

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Mr Modifier said...

That tiny Pininfarina badge is amazing. Fantastic attention to detail.

Not sure about the lady passenger with the blue plastic skirt. A bit "pretty woman"!

Manic said...

Completely agree that the detail is incredible and yeah the blue skirt caught my attention as well - I'm not sure why slot manufactures (Carrera, Le Mans Miniatures, etc.) feel the need to put female passengers in slot cars at all.