Monday, 16 September 2013

NEWS: SRC Ford Capri 'Lucky Strike'

SRC Ford Capri 2600 RS
900109 Kyalami 1971, Mass-Glemser

Slot Racing Company have just released the 10th (I think I'm counting correctly) livery for their Ford Capri 2600 RS.  The red and white Lucky Strike Racing livery is particularly eye catching especially with the gold wheels.  Typically from SRC, the details levels look fantastic, if you're thinking all 10 releases are the same except for the livery then take a closer look.  SRC have made sure to capture the individual nature of each race car, details such as front and rear lights, front spoilers and fog lights.
  • DIMENSIONS: Length 130 mm, Width 57 mm, Height 41 mm, Wheelbase 79 mm, Distance front guide rear axle 84 mm, Weight 68 grams
  • MOTOR: Electric engine Brand SRC x01 RPM 24.000 RPM Voltage 14 V
  • RIMS/TYRE DIMENSIONS:  Front 19,5 x 8,5 mm, Rear 20 x 9,5 mm, Axle diameter 2,40 mm, Pinion Z-11, Crown Z-36

This from Slot Racing Company: 'The Capri was Ford’s successful adaptation of the Mustang to the European market. The name says it all, the marketing department of the manufacturer wanted to evoke, holidays, pizza and sun.

RS is the abbreviation for Rally Sport. The RS 2600 was displayed in the 1970 Geneva Motor Show; manufactured in Ford’s German factory, its engine was developed by Weslake: lighter cylinders, modified suspension, shorter gear ratios, doors and bonnet lightweight, ventilated brake discs, wider wheels ... all aimed to meet the Group 2 regulations that were in force those days.

The engine’s development passed through Cosworth, obtaining more than 435 HP out of the Essex engine. The Ford Colonia Team, sponsored by Lucky Strike, travelled to South Africa to participate on the Springbox Series.

The designated drivers were Jochen Mass and Dieter Glemser. The Organizer, once the European season ended and even though the race was held during winter, offered good weather conditions and attractive prizes to participants. Races were open to Touring, GT and Sports prototypes.

The 9 hours of Kyalami was the first race of the Championship (that had six tests in total). The Ford Capri driven by Mass and Glemser started in the 15th position of the grid, managing to finish in 7th place overall and first Gr2, wining the performance index.

The winner of the race was the Ferrari 312 PB driven by Redman and Regazzoni, that ended 47 laps ahead of the Ford Team. Jochen Mass ended runner-up at the end of the Championship and first Gr2.'

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