Saturday, 21 September 2013

NEWS: Scalextric Audi Quattro

Scalextric Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2
C3410, 1985 WRC Rally San Remo

Soon to be released is Scalextric's long awaited Audi Quattro.  We are being very spoilt this year with numerous famous race cars being released by multiple slot car manufactures.  Without doubt the most famous rally car release (and perhaps the most popular amongst slotters?) will be the Quattro from Scalextric.

I grew up watching these cars win rally event after rally event and not to forget the Pikes' Peak victory in 1987.  Occasionally you would see one of these as a street car and it was like seeing a unicorn, blokes would be gathered around like bees to honey.  We can expect to see numerous liveries (and front light configurations) released by Scalextric over the next few years which is a great thing.  Hopefully Scalextric will release a 'dirty' post-race livery at some stage, the Quattro doesn't quite look right so clean!

Scalectric have done a pretty good job capturing the proportions of the Quattro although the wheels don't quite seem right to me.  A small thing that can be addressed with some after-market options if so desired.  For me the Quattro is a great release from Scalextric and I'll be getting at least one for sure!

This from Wikipedia; 'The S1 E2 proved to be an immediate success in the rally circuit, helping Walter Röhrl and Christian Geistdörfer win the 1985 San Remo Rally. A modified version of the E2, was also driven by Michèle Mouton. The S1 evolution would become the final Group B car produced by Audi, with the works team withdrawing from the Championship following the 1986 rally in Portugal.

Twenty-three years after the cancellation of Group B, the Sport Quattro S1 E2 is still widely regarded as the most powerful rally car ever fielded in international competition[citation needed], with the final factory machines of 1986 rated at 441 kW (600 PS; 591 bhp). In 1987, the car won the Pikes Peak at the hands of Walter Röhrl.' The below video is pretty damn impressive, just check-out some of the air footage!

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