Thursday, 19 September 2013

NEWS: Scaleauto HSV-010 Presentation

Scaleauto HSV-010 'Super GT' JGTC
SC-6012, 1:32 'Presentation Release' Raybrig Team

Scaleauto are about to release something a little special, the 'Raybrig Team' HSV-010 which it's going to be a limited release, limited to 1,000 units.  The slot has a 'carbon fiber' paint finish which Scaleauto has done a great job replicating.  JGTC cars are always pretty popular so if you want to add one of these to your line-up I suggest you get in quick.

This from Scaleauto: 'Scaleauto is proud to introduce its third iteration in the range of the 1/32 HSV-010 Super GT cars which debuted in 2012. This is the JGTC 2010 Presentation Car #100 from the Raybrig Team (SC-6012) which features a carbon fiber look through the whole body and as a special wink sports a real carbon fiber rear wing. This is a 1.000 units limited edition that will hit the shelves later next week.'

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